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  • Do the head sculpts come painted?
    No. All head sculpts are casted in white or grey color.
  • Can you make a custom figure for me?
    Yes! Please contact us at
  • Do you offer custom paint services?
    Yes! Visit our Shop Section!
  • Do you offer custom tailoring services?
    We offer some clothing sets in out SHOP section, but we also offer a custom tailoring service.For more information contact us at:
  • Do you offer custom sculpt services?
    Yes! Please contact us at
  • What bodies do the headsculpts fit on?
    You can use any of the generic TTM bodies on the market. We usually use any of the CooModel bodies. We use the 25 cm for to reflect a regular height, and the 27 cm to reflect a taller figure.
  • How do you ship and insurance questions ?
    Shippng is through first class USPS. IF another shipping method is desired, (USPS 2-day, UPS, FEDEX, etc) the customer needs to let us know at the time you place an order and you will be responsible for the fees. If you want extra insurance it is available and need to let us at the time you place an orde and the customer will be responsible for the fees.


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